Terms & Conditions

HI Runners is a non-profit organisation with all coaching provided by qualified individuals.

HI Runners has an annual membership fee of £30. Members joining after April please request pro rata fee.

I would like to join the Histon and Impington Runners club. I have consulted a doctor and am cleared for exercise. I accept HI Runners and its coaching staff are not responsible for any injuries or medical condition which may occur. I take full responsibility for my health and understand it is my responsibility to inform my coaches of any conditions I have.

I understand any video or photography taken during the sessions will be used for social media and advertising purposes and I will write to the club informing if I wish to be excluded from this.

All information is kept strictly private and confidential by Neil Marsh Health & Fitness. I will write to the club committee to inform them if I wish to be excluded from the mailing list of either of the organisations.

The information you provide here will be stored for club administration purposes. In due course it will be passed to England Athletics in order to process affiliation.

All coaching is provided by Neil Marsh health and fitness on a voluntary basis