What should I wear?

Whatever you normally run in. Road shoes are suitable for all of our regular sessions. Dress appropriately for the weather and we highly recommend lights and hi vis/reflective clothing for the sessions that start and/or finish in the dark.

Will I be able to keep up?

Yes. We have runners of all abilities and our sessions are designed to be inclusive.

Are there toilet facilities at the sessions?

At the Histon session there are toilets located at the Rec.

Is there car parking/bike parking available at the sessions?

There is free car parking at all session locations. There is free bike parking at both Histon Rec and Northstowe.

Is there somewhere I can leave my valuables/extra layers while running?

In summer, our sessions are conducted on a small area of the Rec/Green, always within good sight of our valuables. In winter, there will always be members with cars who are happy to store a bag or two while we’re out running. Ask any run leader, committee member or coach if you need somewhere to store your belongings on the night.


What’s included with my membership?

The five weekly training sessions, informal social runs and access to buy club kit. We also have a discount code for www.sportsshoes.com (normally 10%), just ask any Committee member for the details (unfortunately the rules state we aren’t able to share openly). Plus your England Athletics affiliation gives you a discount on many race entry fees.

Does HI Runners have a Code of Conduct?

Yes, it can be accessed here.

How do I buy kit?

T.Shirts, Vests and Long Sleeve tops can be ordered through our account at: www.membermojo.co.uk/hi-runners

Please email our Kit Co-ordinator for hoodie orders or with any queries: hirunkitorder@gmail.com

For any other questions please contact: